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Kia Ora Many local people have known me previously in the years of my managerial role with The Salvation Army. In this role, I have worked extensively in the social sector, which has given me a very realistic insight and understanding of the real needs in our community. My work was at the coal face, hands on, sleeves rolled up. I was incredibly humbled to receive the Mayoral Recognition award in 2018, acknowledging my commitment to service in our community. This experience has become the motivation and the springboard for me to gain a position on the community board and represent you as a local councillor. I’m already privileged to be engaged with other community groups and committees. This gives me a wealth of knowledge and access to existing networks, where working in collaboration produces results. Juggling many hats is a skill set I’ve gained along the way. I’ve journeyed alongside wide and diverse groups. We all are different but at the end of the day, we all have the same basic needs at the core of our wellbeing. I’m incredibly passionate and genuine about the Motueka community. I have a heart to hear, help and take on challenges to bring about change for the betterment of our locals. I’m all about the PEOPLE and being their advocate. Through me, your voice can be heard and you can be represented. I’m known for being the voice of the voiceless. I value the richness of what Tasman has to offer and that it’s a fantastic place to live, whilst being very mindful of areas of concern; HOUSING, infrastructure access for ALL, sustainability, future proofing Tasman and mental health advocacy being just some of these. I believe that my community values are focussed; they are all about our people and that includes you. I believe moving forward happens through developing strong, meaningful relationships, working holistically and WALKING BESIDE ALL PEOPLE with accountability. Working for YOU, whilst being a voice to enhance Tasman as an affordable, unique, picturesque, welcoming and safe community. HEART FOR PEOPLE – HEART FOR COMMUNITY – I WILL STAND AND BE COUNTED WITH YOU. I’ll continue to roll my sleeves up and get in amongst it for all - big, small, short or tall. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!



Agencies, organisations and networks I'm involved in;

Civil Defence, Welfare centre  

Short Term Accomodation Trust: Trustee  

Special Olympics  

Core group for Strengthening Families  

Community Streets Project: Supervisor  

PA Local Ministers  

President Motueka District Brass Band  

Christmas Day Commitee Chair Person  

Random Act of Kindness Commitee Member

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