Our Environment

Let's make a change

We can no longer afford to ignore the needs of our local environment due to the impacts of climate change. To make a difference to our environment we need to accept a shared responsibility to take action. There are multiple solutions that we as a community can adopt to reduce our environmental impact.  

Solar energy is an excellent example of a way to utilise clean energy. The sun, a natural resource, provides a virtually unlimited, clean and free fuel, the most abundant resource on earth. More households powered by solar energy would be a great start.  

Adoption of low, or zero-waste practices is another way to help our environment. This eliminates landfills and incinerators, both of which are detrimental to our environment. We need to be composting, recycling and upcycling before we consider sending things to landfill. The Richmond Resource Recovery Centre does a wonderful job at recycling however there is still room for improvement. This has to start with individuals and families though. Every little action counts.  

Growing our own food is also a great solution for reducing our carbon foot print. Plus, there’s something real special about getting to choose something fresh out of your own garden and eating it. Along with the work out it provides, digging, preparing the soil (saves you having to go to the gym) it’s a link into connecting with your neighbours too, as you share your produce. If you don’t have space of your own you can adopt a patch at our local community gardens on Wharf Road. 

We must learn to think globally but act locally, I am keen to learn more and engage with our community to be innovative in making change. We can all make a difference, there’s room for ALL of us to improve, just changing light bulbs can make a difference. 

Our relationship to the natural world needs to be healthy for everyone’s wellbeing. Our environment will be enhanced if we each take responsibility. Let’s build a better future for our region.