Trindi the activist

Not your average candidate

In times of complexity and constant societal change, we need very effective local government. 

This local body election offers us an opportunity to ensure those representing us as Ward Councillors and on the Motueka Community Board, have a proven track record in activism and community connectedness. They need to know their constituency. 

Trindi Walker meets this criteria. Of particular value is her long years of hands on experience in working with people in our communities who seldom have their voices represented in the decision making processes. These are the marginalised, vulnerable and on the fringes.

Trindi understands the impacts of local government because she has worked alongside them, for many years, resulting in a depth of knowledge and experience which is rare in politics. Those who know her recognise her activism and advocacy to support justice and fairness.

  Trindi has experience, skills, and knowledge which will strengthen the Motueka Ward Council and Motueka Community Board's capacity and capability to make informed decisions based on facts rather than assumptions, resulting in stronger, inclusive and thriving communities.  

Lyn Campbell QSM Former Children's Advocate, Policy Directorate, Christchurch City Council and Commissioner, NZ Families Commission.  

Trindi Walker is not your average candidate. 

Trindi is many things to many people. Trindi … is tireless in her determination to progress principles … has a history of practical involvement in local issues … is a fighter for the rights of others … is compassionate, caring and loyal … is experienced in coping with and overcoming adversity … pulls people together to acheive outcomes Trindi is widely known and widely appreciated in Motueka. There are no hidden agendas with Trindi: she will always apply integrity and fairness when dealing with peoples’ issues in Local Government. Trindi will be there for Motueka. Motueka will be better with Trindi. Pete Cresswell  

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